Sunday, July 13, 2008

Round Four!

So my fourth round of numbers came back and at 23 DPO, they were over 24,000! My dr said 'Hopefully on Wednesday we'll see a heartbeat...or two.' I'm a little nervous because it's still pretty early and we're right on the line of seeing a heartbeat or not, so if I don't see one, I'll be freaked out, but it won't necessarily mean anything is wrong. I hope the next few days go by fast! Rob actually said he would be pretty excited if we have twins...I don't think he's thinking straight! I think the idea is great...the reality is a little more scary.

So no more exercise for me either until my appointment. My dr said we'll talk about it more on Wednesday, but I'm curious what he will tell me. I need to exercise!!

So I've definitely had a little more morning sickness. I would say it's been about 4 days now where I've been nausous and a few times where I really thought I would lose it...but so far, so good. I just can't believe I'm feeling sick this early!

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