Sunday, September 21, 2008

16 weeks

16 weeks
Starting Weight: 147
Weight: 155
Waist @ bellybutton: 37"
How big are the babies? Avocados

I grew a whole inch this week. Woo hoo!



Cisco said...

You are so cute!

Cisco said...

P.S. "Cisco" is actually Melissa! I'm sure you figured that out though, hee hee! :)

Star said...

Hey Sis! Thanks for this blog. I love that I can keep track with you even though I am not there. And I'm seeing 2 girls, so you better pick out a second name. I like Stella (after her auntie!) See you in a few weeks! Woohoo! Luv you.

Jenny said...

You my dear look wonderful! So glad we got to meet for dinner a few weeks ago. I miss you guys like crazy and can't wait to find out what Twin A and Twin B will be like when they are born :) Love you!