Monday, September 22, 2008

Diapering Options

Ok, I thought I had my mind made up about diapering and now I am torn. Last year I was going to go cloth, then this year I decided to go disposable, only because I found some new diapers from Europe that are non-toxic and biodegradable (made from corn, not plastic). Now I'm thinking more about saving money and frankly, the corn industry is p*ssing me off. Have you seen the ads for High Fructose Corn Syrup lately that is paid for by the corn folks stating 'well, everything is good in's as healthy as honey'. Grrrr...anyway, I digress.

Soooo...I'm researching cloth diapering again and may go with Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diapers, which are actually available at Target and, so I can register for them. Over a 1 1/2 year period, we could save over $1,000 per baby! Yes, that takes into account detergent costs and water and energy for washing them too. Of course it's all an estimation, but that's $2,000 for 1 1/2 years, and they probably will be in diapers longer than that. Not to mention that they can be reused for each baby going forward and get this...they actually have a decent resale value when i'm all done with them!

You can check them out at

I know...when did I become such a hippie?


K. said...

Have you looked into G diapers. Some targets are starting to carry them, but you can always find them at whole foods. We have them for Levi.

Plus they're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Is there some way I can get your email address ??
I would like to send you a message.

I've been reading your blogs, and would like to chat through email if possible - as I have very recently experienced something so similar to you.

My email is


Gonzalez Family said...

Ha Ha, hippie or not, money is money and the way things are going, saving a little by not buying disposable may not be a bad idea. I must say I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to uncharted territory, so I'm glad you're braver than I! I've heard more and more people really love cloth so if you end up going that route and liking it too...I just might be forced to try it. :) Do you guys have a CVS pharmacy in your area? My friend taught me this amazing way to save tons of money shopping there. If you have one and we come up for Thanksgiving I can teach you how to do it. I seriously have saved so much money on toiletries, diapers (disposable, if you decide to do that), medicine, etc. Anyway, just a thought.

Kami said...

Hi there! I found your blog on the BBC board. I'm due March 1st. Looking forward to following you on your journey - twins are so exciting! P.S. - I'm using Bum Genius too!

Star1 said...

I think "hippie" is in your genes. It all started with greatgramma Hope.
And remember, you were supposed to be nicknamed Sunshine, but you cried so
much it didn't stick ! (This is from Mom. We're having trouble posting)

mary said...

Just wanted to say hello from Chicago ~ we are friends with your sister and are all very excited for you and Rob. My twins are 17 and we tried cloth diapers ... but it only lasted a day. I was a bit overwhelmed at the time but I think it is a terrific idea. Are you thinking of nursing? Happy to share with you on that. Praying for a healthy double blessing and a joyous pregnancy. Drink lots of water and when you feel tired, rest lying down on your left side.

In God's love.