Sunday, October 19, 2008

20 weeks

20 weeks
Starting Weight: 147
Weight: 163
Waist @ bellybutton: 39.5"
How big are the babies? Length of bananas

I'm officially half way there! Well, technically, I'm more than half way, because I know I will not be going to 40 weeks. So my belly didn't grow for the first time since I was 8 weeks! I think the cruise week was overload or something and this past week was a week of belly rest. I did gain 1 pound though. Went to the doctors last week (19 1/2 weeks) and I am now measuring 29 weeks! The girls are kicking like crazy, which is very reassuring. It's pretty strange to feel kicks all over my entire belly, but it's also really cool. They're really strong now and usually feel about half of them from the outside. Sadly, Rob hasn't felt them yet, because he's never here. He has been working his little butt off with the business lately, even on the weekends. Poor guy. :( We are now thinking of hiring our second employee because we're getting so busy, which is great news. Then I'll get to see him more.

I'm now seeing the doctor once a week for the time being, more for peace of mind. As I inch closer to 23 weeks, I am trying not to be nervous, but can't help it. This is just one more hurdle for me to get through. We also started interviewing doulas and have two more interviews this week and will then make a decision. In case you're not sure what a doula is, check this out:

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