Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh the possibilities...

The babies are looking good and I am now measuring 32 weeks! So I’ve grown 3 weeks in a one week period. Dr. K says this is totally normal though. I asked him how big I may get and he said it really completely varies, but the biggest he’s seen with a twin pregnancy is 62!! Um…that is scary.

So, I had a conversation with him about all of the possibilities of delivery and the conversation was not what I was hoping to hear. He knows that I do want a vaginal delivery and I do not want an epidural. There seem to be so many scenarios that can happen, and most do not include a drug free vaginal birth. I do realize that twins are riskier and I am very scared about not being able to bring these girls home, so I am going to listen to him…although I may argue a little along the way. I am trying to come to grips that I may have a c-section or an epidural and all that matters is healthy babies, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to cry if that happens. Anyway, here are the scenarios:

A) Baby A & Baby B head down=vaginal drug free delivery
B) Baby A head down & Baby B breech=vaginal delivery w/ epidural IF A is bigger (the epidural is because 1: I may need an emergency c-section and would need the epidural in place [he did give me the option that if I say no to the epidural and a c-section then becomes necessary, I would be put under general anesthesia...not cool] & 2: he may have to reach in and actually turn or pull the baby out with his hand and says I DO NOT want this done without drugs…I may agree with this)
C) Baby A head down & Baby B breech=scheduled c-section IF B is bigger (I will fight this one...he says if B is breech and is bigger, she may 'get stuck'. Ok, seriously? They're going to be small anyway...she is not going to 'get stuck'. If she did, he could reach in and grab her as stated above.)
D) Baby A & B breech=scheduled c-section

So those are my options. Also, no matter what happens, I will be delivering in an operating room, not a delivery room. Sigh. So, I am praying for healthy babies above all else, but also that both babies are head down! I will also resort to chiropractic and acupuncture to get the babies to turn if they are breech. Of course, I’m also going to just tell them that they need to turn and hope they listen to me…otherwise they will be grounded.

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. I just want to wish you good luck! If you haven't heard of this website, check out My midwife recommended it to me for help with ideal fetal positioning for birth. I don't remember seeing anything about twins, but it can't hurt to read. It talks about ways to sit and position yourself to get the babies to go head down. Once again, good luck, I hope you get the delivery you hope for.